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🛵 Vietnamese Delivery

⏰ Arpil 2019
❤️ Special thanks to Tuan Anh Ha

In Vietnam, motorbikes are the main form of transportation. People go to school, to work, and deliver packages on those tiny vehicles. Legally, you are only allowed to have at most 2 people on a motorbike, but of course, if you are Vietnamese, you know that rules are born to be broken.



The illustrations are inspired by the people that work in the delivery service sector. It’s not a lie saying that these guys have the whole work on their back - from loosely attached gas tanks, and overweight pigs to full-size fridges and over 50 ducklings. 


In the zine, each page of the illustration is accompanied by a number, which is the number of items that the shipper person is carrying.



13cm * 13cm  ·  Laser printed  · Edition of 100

​Available for sale at @OhQuao


Screen Shot 2021-07-31 at 17.25.01.png
Screen Shot 2021-07-31 at 17.25.10.png
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