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🤟 Handy

👩‍💻 My role

Conduct primary and secondary research

Develop wireframe and high-fi design



Conduct user-testings

🌋 Problem

To Sign Language learners, the lack of immediate feedback during practice is detrimental to their learning experience. Unlike other speaking languages such as Spanish, French, or Chinese which have a large speaker population as well as supported tools and apps, Sign Language has much fewer resources to support its students.


Although a lot of mobile apps, online courses, and Facebook groups have been developed to combat the absence of interactiveness in self-learning Sign Language, there is a huge gap between those solutions and the learners’ needs. 

✅ Solution


Handy is a mobile app that seeks to improve sign language students’ learning experience by providing real-time feedback on their performance as well as helping them connect with learners with similar backgrounds and interests.


Handy is a mobile app that provide real-time feedback on ASL students' performance and connect them with learners that share similar backgrounds and interests.

⚡️ Real-time feedback

Receive feedback on your performance even when your teachers and classmates are not around. Learn from your mistakes and improve instantly

🎮 Practice while playing

Fun and stress-free ways to learn signs

💪 Be prepared with mock tests

Final exam coming up? Get prepared with a mock exam and detailed feedback on your performance. Create a personalized study plan with daily bit-size exercises based on the feedback.

👯‍♀️ Learn faster with buddies

Effortlessly connect with sign language students who share the same background and interests. Learn together with signing activities

🔎 Search with actions

Say goodbye to describing signs with words

📣 Translate on the spot

Yet to master more advanced phrases but still want to communicate Deaf people? Use ASL Live to translate sign on the go

1. Competitor Analysis​​​

2. Desk research and user survey
Learn about Sign Language students' current learning methods and habits​​​

3. User interview

Gain a better understanding behind their choice of method

5 participants  ·  20-minute semi structure interview

From pain points to features
Wire-framing and functionality testing

Screen Shot 2021-11-18 at 13.39.11.png

Final Design
01. Sign Deck

02. Game as a learning activity

03. Connect with a signing buddy
X - 71.png
X - 73.png
X - 112.png
X - 74.png
X - 96.png
X - 103.png
X - 100.png
X - 120.png
X - 121.png

04. Create a study plan and do mock test
X - 119.png
X - 113.png
X - 114.png
X - 88.png
X - 110.png
X - 111.png
X - 106.png
X - 107.png
X - 108.png
X - 109.png

05. Dictionary
X - 83.png
X - 84.png
X - 89.png
X - 105.png
X - 90.png

06. ASL Live
X - 104.png
X - 91.png
X - 92.png
X - 93.png
X - 94.png
💫 What's next?

Although the 4 main features act as a great foundation for the app, there are still a lot of improvements and expansions I’d love to add to Handy in the future. Specifically, I would explore more ways that students can collaborate on the platform as well as develop a curriculum that is adaptive to multiple accents or languages. 


Here are some features that I planned to expand on:

  • Collaborate with online courses to create its own library

  • Group video call / more interactive game

  • Learn foreign sign language


Comments or suggestions for this project?

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