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👋 Xin Chào

(​which means HELLO in Vietnamese)


This is An, a product designer, illustrator, and mom of 🐱🐱🐱

I'm a senior at Tufts University, majoring in Design and minoring in Child Study + Human Development and Entrepreneurship.

This past summer, I built the Design System for Pegasystems! I previously design at Aleph-Labs, Techcombank, and Studio Cohe.

I design...
🖇 With a system

When designing, I do not focus only on the task or pain point at hand but also take into consideration the design’s scalability and compatibility with the existing system.

📚 With a rationale

I make sure that all my design decisions are well supported by research, user feedback, or product psychology. 

🤝 With teammates

Collaboration is the key to a great product. I utilize my understanding of the design framework to ensure fluid communication between cross-function team members. 

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